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+ LPS Coin White Paper+


Our LPS Corporation will make a social contribution through donation to the right group depending on transactions and activities through the service.


Financial transactions

in the Internet are made in electronic payment method by relying on a third party such as financial institution. Since such transactions base on credit, it is difficult to transact solely on the network without involving a credit agency.In this paper,

we have made that the encoded Blockchain virtual money created based on the Etherium platform does not pass through a financial institution but through the encoded Blockchain without any intermediary agency to be freed from temporal and spatial limitations while being available easily and conveniently anywhere in the world; providing strong defense against cyber attacks, several times faster transmission speed, stronger security and security based on anonymity for users, and transmission route check so that users can pursue transactions without being watched.

We have also made that such transactions are transparently proven in real time by computers, prevented from double payment based on P2P network and connected transaction details stored in several millions of computers with the distributed network-based timestamp server like chains to preclude any intentional manipulation. Based on Blockchain, the key to o2o in the 4th industrial revolution, and new security technologies with unlimited diverse ways of application beyond common sense, we have focused on stability, cashability, versatility, future value, security and convenience.





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Real life application coins

Real life application coins

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The lifework of artificial intelligence

The lifework of artificial intelligence

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About LPS Technology

AlgorithmEtherrium Algorithm
Total coins33.3 Billion LPS
Reward, coins per block0.2coin
Block Time per sec1 mim
Halfling reward cycle, blocks63.5 from 2026
TXS Confirm6 Levels

LPS Block Chain Pos Proof Of State

LPS Signature transmission system

Distributed Ledgers

A distributed head is a key technology of bitcoin that has the same books spread across multiple computers. When writing books in one place, make a write-off and then record and synchronize them. Smart contact (contract), which is a major technology for etherium, is installed in blocks. This contract is freely programmable to insert the desired contract. The programming language uses the full Turing language, the Solidity language, which is capable of implementing all the functions of C and JAVA. The Solidity grammar of Idarium is similar to Java. Etherium runs on a virtual machine called EVM, so it does not obscure the OS. In short, Ederium is a system that puts a smart contract on top of a Bitcoin distributed-source system. You can create a variety of contract systems at your disposal by coding only the smart contract parts.


LPS P2P Blockchain System

Blockchain is a public ledger distributed and opened to all.

Mobile network bases on this ledger. All confirmed transactional details are included in this Blockchain.

In this manner, coin wallets can calculate the balance and users can check new transaction details. The completeness and transactional detail order of Blockchain are executed based on cryptography It is one of the world's best electronic digital wallets capable of holding virtual money available anytime anywhere in the world. Payment, transfer and exchange are made using QR code.

Users who have LPS COIN can encash them anytime. As a means of payment for consumption, LPS COIN can be connected with smart phone e-wallet or online point card for free use.

Through a virtual money exchange, users can exchange their virtual money among themselves via exchange accounts. Blockchain has made something mutually untrustworthy as the result of trust by introducing the proof-of-work scheme to Byzantine Generals Problem in the computer engineering field. As the problems of distributed computing system have been successfully resolved, the service, that otherwise would have required large amount of resources, can now become easily available thanks to the P2P network.

LPS Transfer System


Encoded virtual money is transferable anytime anywhere on the internet in any amount.


Supports interindividual transactions and transfer without time limit and bank or financial institution’s involvement


Available in everywhere in the world. Exchangeable and transferable at dedicated ATMs


Worldwide membership stores including online and offline shopping malls, department stores, convenient stores, large-scale discount stores, cafes, and restaurants

Transfer code

tps = openpricesell-(OrdersTotalMagicsell(Magicsell)*proffactor*Point) free = AccountFreeMargin();balance = AccountBalance(); for (cnt=0;cnt< OrdersTotal();cnt++) { OrderSelect(cnt,SELECT_BY_POS,MODE_TRADES); if (OrderSymbol()==Symbol() && OrderMagicNumber () == Magicbuy) ticketbuy = OrderTicket(); if (OrderSymbol()==Symbol() && OrderMagicNumber () == Magicsell) ticketsell = OrderTicket(); } if (OrdersTotalMagicbuy(Magicbuy)==0) { profitbuy=0;ticketbuy=0;tpb=0; } if (OrdersTotalMagicsell(Magicsell)==0) { profitsell=0;ticketsell=0;tps=0; } Comment("FreeMargin = ",NormalizeDouble(free,0)," Balance = ",NormalizeDouble(balance,0)," maxLot = ",NormalizeDouble(maxLot,dig),"\n", "Totalbuy = ",OrdersTotalMagicbuy(Magicbuy)," Lot = ",smbuy," Totalsell = ",OrdersTotalMagicsell(Magicsell)," Lot = ",smsell,"\n",

Conclusion of LPS Coin

Our Trade

Non-trust block chain computing system

Proof of state (Pos), application, token system, other centralized autonomous organization, identity and reputation system, distributed file repository, additional applications, computation and modulator, currency and generation, central mining

Contribute to the safety of trading methods

  To prevent the use of double prevention laws, decision making, transaction marking, job proof, approval mark, transmission status, reliability, transfer speed and public transaction books to keep transaction records on all existing financial companies ' central servers.

Innovative applications

There are only a few things such as the Jangchung full-language method, distributed storage space, distributed computing, distributed forecast markets, and prochol. Updating the peer-to-peer, financial system, economic system, and FinTech robot system will create an enormous variety of innovative application.

Etherrium BlockChain

LPS is a cryptographic block chain of Etherrium POS, a block chain public director who can mine and is transparent and prevents double payments using P2P networks, and the sequence of transactions is

Etherrium BlockChain
Artificial intelligence


Future-oriented alternative mponey

Innovative and safe. Operated through exchange office. Genuine future money with transparency


Market economy principle

Market economy principle by real users and traders


Open-type coin mining

Anyone can mine encoded coins.



Transactional transparency

All members can check the LPS COIN’s real-time coin trading and mining situation.

Premium for initial participants

Benefits for participants thanks to the initial buy-sell margin under demand and supply

The range of coins by " gold "

1,000 tons of " gold " Retention and opportunity and ad revenue for broadcast content business